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You know what F1 is lacking?
12-04-2013, 04:31 PM
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RE: You know what F1 is lacking?
Supporting a team or a driver can have interesting consequences.

I think I enjoyed Formula One far more when DC was racing. If you are supporting a mid-field driver you get so much more out of the sport. Its interesting how your focus can change. At the start of races I would pay little or no attention to the front of the grid, my eyes would be fixated towards the middle of the pack. This eventually became a problem in 2008 when DC seemed incapable of qualifying in the top ten. But what I miss more is the knowledge of the mid-field teams. It can be so tight in the middle of the pack and it was great to see if he could squeeze his way to the front of the pack. The lack of respect for drivers is incredible. I remember China (not sure on the year) where DC was in 5th place for a massive chunk of the race, really impressive stuff, yet it started to rain and the whole order got mixed up. I remember Clark on the podcast complaining about how rubbish DC was, despite his excellent drives. I used to love defending him on this forum. OK I would troll slightly, but its quite enjoyable to see how worked up people can get (FFC anyone).

So when he left F1 there was a big gap in my experience. Where to go next? In reality I've never found a replacement for him. I'm very British in the sense that I enjoy supporting underdogs. Shumacher kind of filled that gap for me. He came to the sport and everyone called him slow, laughed at him, complained about his performances. I thought he was great.....the old man coming back for one more go at it. People say he was rubbish......all I'd say is look at his retirements last year. Virtually non his own fault. Thats another factor I like, someone who isn't playing by the rules. I think the sport lacks aggressive drivers.

I have a slight affiliation with Mercedes. I like the brand I suppose. I quite like Hamilton. Give it a few years and I'll probably support him.

Since DC left the sport I spend a lot less time following it. Suppose that's life.

"Woof Woof"
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12-06-2013, 07:04 AM
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RE: You know what F1 is lacking?
I'm looking forward to seeing how Ricciardo will go in 2014
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