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Full Version: Australian V8s in US
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The ownership of the organisation running the series sold a 60% share of the business. Part of the commitments for the future include increases of minimum number of overseas rounds. Apart from New Zealand, the current international rounds are Abu Dahbi and Bahrain (when it's open for business). There are plenty of ex-pats working in the Middle East who attend the "local" races, but they still don't add up to more than a few thousand through the gate. The travel cost is almost prohibitive for Australians to travel to the Middle East for a boys weekend. On the other hand, a US round would be more appealing to both the boys (extended) weekend and convincing the family to spend a day or two out of the USA holiday watching the V8s. There are some great road tracks that would be show off the ability of these cars. Fingers crossed.

If they are going to have a race in the USA it will be at the Circuit of the Americas when it is finished. And aren't they going to have a race in India next year?
A race in Austin would be awesome. I see some road trips in my future.
i definitely agree that there are some great tracks in america that not enough people know about or appreciate. i often wish the alms would run a longer season to use more of them.

but australian touring cars wouldn't have me knocking on the box office window, unfortunately.
Well the V8's are doing good business, and unlike most things in the southern hemisphere, saying that the V8's are the most popular motorpsort series in the southern hemisphere is something. Considering the motorsport heritage in South America.

Living out of Australia for over 4 years now, I definately hear more about V8's than Brazilian stock car championship. So expending V8's to overseas market is a good Idea, but they should start selling Commodores and falcons outside Australia and New Zealand though.

Before they go to America they should do more races in Asia first. Be more regular in Shanghai, Any Japanese track or even Sepang. Also let more manufacturers in. Although half the charm is the Falcon Commodore rivalry, they don't sell them anywhere. Throwing in a souped up Camry or a Mitsubishi will add asian appeal. Then they can take it to the US.

I expect more people to be like Frank about this news.
But if they called them just V8's and with suitable US sponsors, it might even be like Nascar, but real cars, turning right half the time. (Did I just talk myself out of that one? )
Well it's definitely happening. Perhaps I might travel for it. It"s a big "might". If it was at a famous track, I'd be far more tempted.
i'm just curious. what american track would you choose if you controlled it?
(06-30-2011 07:48 PM)frankdouglason Wrote: [ -> ]i'm just curious. what american track would you choose if you controlled it?

What interests me is different to what I'd do if I responsible for promoting the sport, making a profit, keeping the shareholders happy, etc. Austin is obviously the best commercial deal for everyone.

Where I'd like to go to watch a race are Watkins Glen due to it's past; Sonoma on the full course not the NASCAR course as it would be a good circuit for the cars; Laguna Seca to watch the cars through the corkscrew to see how they compare to a similar circuit in Australia (Bathurst - our version is "the dipper" . The footage of it in the link is about 1m20s. [Commentator is Leigh Diffey - he's on SpeedTV you know, and No 1 car is Marcose Ambrose - he's in NASCAR you know!] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2423TVpf...detailpage For more fun look for Ambrose 2005 Bathurst crash)

I'm not interested in going to watch these cars on a new circuit that currently has no history, as I can do that in lots of places in Australia. I think Austin will be a great host city for motorsport, so the location isn't a disadvantage.
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