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Full Version: I have just brought the new Trackmania
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I hope this is good.
what do you think? "Ultimate" sort of combines all the previous versions of the game but for some reason i found the originals more fun. i still like it a lot tho Smile.
I know this sounds weird, but it feels like the game has no soul.

Its just the previous ones bundled up into a new game.

To be honest, I've got bored of it.
trickydicky Wrote:it feels like the game has no soul.

well put. i can't put my finger on the exact problem but that sums it up well. did you play the previous versions? i spent a lot of time w/ "sunrise" and "nations" and i loved them both. whatever changes they made in combining them took a lot of the fun out of it for me too.

i'm more likely to fire up the older, free "nations" than "united". plus since "nations" is free the online community is pretty big and VERY competitive Smile
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